The Center for Epilepsy & Seizure Education in British Columbia

The Center for Epilepsy in British Columbia is a non-profit agency that began in 1999. We provide Support for people with epilepsy and address the call for increased awareness and public education about epilepsy. A well-informed public does not fall prey to old myths and misunderstandings which stubbornly persist and contribute to social isolation and stigmatization.


We are dedicated to providing support, information, and education for families and individuals who live with epilepsy, their support staff, educational personnel, friends, co-workers, health care providers, and anyone else affected by epilepsy.


Our goals are to:

Educate children and adults who witness a seizure not to be afraid and to provide them with the essential information and first id skills that will furnish them with the self-confidence to correctly manage a seizure. To minimize the social stigma for children and individuals who live with epilepsy.

Ensure there is access to support, education materials and programs that will enhance self-care and quality of life for those who live with epilepsy. To establish and deliver education programs that will maintain a flow of information to the public, government, and community agencies, schools, and medical professionals.

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The Center for Epilepsy & Seizure Education in BC
112-35838 Ventura Avenue Abbotsford , BCV2S 6J3

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Phone : (604) 853-7399
Fax : (604) 853-7336

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