Transition Houses

Are you a woman in Mission or Abbotsford, BC who is safe for the moment, but want to escape abuse? SARA can help.

Transition Houses

There are houses in Mission and Abbotsford with a total of 22 beds for women/children who are in crisis, escaping violence, or who are at great risk of being homeless.

SARA’s Abbotsford and Mission transition houses are safe, supportive emergency shelters that welcome women—alone or with children—and provide food, toiletries, and shelter for up to 30 days.

SARA’s Abbotsford and Mission transition houses provide confidential environments, where women can gather legal and income-assistance information and explore crisis counselling options, with help from trained, professional staff.

SARA’s Abbotsford Transition House: Call now. 24-hour access | 604-852-6008

SARA’s Mission Transition House: 604-826-7800

Phone Numbers

24-hour access : (604) 826-7800
Fax : (604) 826-0520

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This program was last updated on 20 Jun 2017.