Centennial Place

The clubhouse model, of which Centennial Place belongs to, seeks to demonstrate that all individuals have the ability to manage their mental wellness and live productive and meaningful lives. Centennial Place offers hope, encouragement and opportunities to individuals, who reclaim their lives through a supportive environment that focuses on the person’s strengths and talents rather than their weaknesses

Photograph of Centennial Place in Mission, BC

Centennial Place is a community in which individuals work side-by-side as colleagues to manage all aspects of its day to day running. We work together as a group and create opportunities for members to return to school, gain employment, connect with their families, make new friends and create multiple successes. Areas in which members contribute at Centennial Place include; Front reception, the coffee bar, yard maintenance and gardening, or household cleaning, as well as participating and facilitating in various programs and activities. Recovery starts with the supportive relationships that form when people work together for a common cause.

RECOVERY is about personal growth, and building a meaningful and satisfying life, as YOU define it. It is about discovering your personal identity, separate from your diagnosis. HOPE is central to recovery: with hope you will be able to explore how to awaken more joy in your life and see how others have found a way forward.

Through this environment of support, acceptance and commitment to each other, Centennial Place is the perfect place for individuals to pursue mental wellness and improve their overall quality of life.

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Communitas Supportive Care Society
33032 11th Ave Mission, BCV2V 2M3

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Phone : (604) 820-6355
Fax : (604) 820-1839

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This program was last updated on 06 Mar 2017.