Kinghaven Treatment Centre

Our Philosophy

Kinghaven Treatment Centre operates from a harm-reduction, client-centered perspective. What does this mean? While in treatment all clients are expected to remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol and all non-prescribed medications. Each client is supported to create their own individualized treatment and aftercare plan that specifically targets their needs.

Our Program

Kinghaven is a 70-day intensive residential group therapy treatment program dealing with substance abuse issues. The program is comprised of three phases: Orientation and Stabilization, Group Therapy, Transitional and Aftercare Planning. The program involves:

  • Group Counselling
  • Educational presentations on: keys to recovery, mindfulness, emotional regulation, living your values, stress management, communication, models of recovery, spirituality, attachment theory, trauma and recovery, goal setting, managing conflict
  • Attending several in-house AA Meetings per week.
  • Needing to participate in therapeutic duties
  • SMART meetings
  • Clients have the opportunity to participate in Focus Groups on Self-Esteem, Understanding Anger and Anxiety, Co-Dependency, plus Mental Health and Addictions
  • Clients can do Volunteer Work in the Abbotsford Community and receive a small stipend
  • Have the opportunity to participate in the Family Program
  • Clients are regularly screened for substance abuse when needed
  • All clients are expected to create a personal Transitional and Aftercare Plan which, if they choose to follow, can support them to create a life free of substance misuse.

Located in the tranquil setting of the Fraser Valley in the City of Abbotsford, the campus-like setting site includes an administration building, counselor’s offices, two residence buildings, a dining hall and resident’s lounge.

It is a safe environment allowing the optimum opportunity for recovery to begin and a lifestyle change to develop.

 Orientation and Stabilization

Men begin treatment in this group in order to stabilize in recovery and become connected with the recovery process. Most of our clients come from challenging circumstances so it is essential to develop healthy habits in recovery like regularly attending and participating in group, caring for one’s personal space and the larger facility, eating well, getting a good sleep, exercising, and connecting with a safe, supportive recovery community. More specific tasks involve:

  • Completing a Life Areas checklist
  • Beginning to develop an Individualized Treatment Plan
  • Setting SMART goals
  • Learning the rights and responsibilities of the recovery community
  • Identifying positive traits and personal strengths
  • Identifying and Working with possible Post-Acute-Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Relaxation and improving the quality of one’s sleep training
  • Identifying triggers and Relapse warning signs
  • Develop skills to find support in recovery
  • Enhancing motivation for recovery

Kinghaven Treatment Centre

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31250 King Road Abbotsford, BCV2T 6C2

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Phone : (604) 864-0039
Fax : (604) 864-9420

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Languages spoken: English

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This program was last updated on 08 Mar 2016.