Mission Victim Services

We are a victim assistance program dedicated to providing support to people affected by crime. 

If you are a victim, under the Victim of Crime Act, you have the right to be treated with courtesy and respect, given information about victim services given an explanation of how the criminal justice system works.

Mission Victim Services can help you with

  • Coping with the effects of crime.
  • Emotional support.
  • If you are eligible, applying for criminal injury compensation.
  • Referral to other agencies for further assistance.
  • Information on the status of the police investigation and/or the court case.
  • An explanation of what happens in court and preparing you for the trail.
  • Preparing a victim impact statement.


Being victimized is an unexpected experience. It may also be a very emotional time for you, we can help. We provide trained workers to help you identify your needs and support you through this time.


The criminal justice system can be confusing, the police and their procedures may be intimidating. We will explain and outline the steps involved in the investigation and the prosecution including:

  • The Victims of Crime Act.
  • What happens when you report a crime.
  • Police file updates.
  • Court file updates.
  • Criminal injuries compensation.
  • Community services.


If you are involved in a crisis situation, you may feel scared or alone. We are here to help you during the crisis. We can explain what is happening and what you may need to do. This includes:

  • Crime scene support as required.
  • Bereavement assistance.
  • Emergency shelter arrangements.


If your situation reaches the trail or hearing stage, you may be required to testify. We can help you feel more at ease by:

  • Giving you a tour of the court.
  • Explaining what it means to be a witness.
  • Accompanying you during the proceedings.
  • Explaining corrections process.


Your experience may have left you with feeling of anger, loss, grief or depression. If you feel you require more specialized assistance, we can assist in referring you to the proper agency. This also includes referral to the following:

  • Legal services.
  • Drug and alcohol treatment programs.
  • Counseling.

Mission Victim Services can also help you with:

  • Criminal injuries compensation.
  • Applications for restitution.
  • Victim impact statements.

Address / Contact Info

7171 Oliver Street Mission , BCV2V 6H2

Phone Numbers

Phone : (604) 820-3504

Hours of Operation

Regular hours: Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm
(we are also on call for the police 24 hours a day 365 days a year)

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This program was last updated on 03 May 2018.