Youth Against Violence Line

Youth Against Violence Line banner The YAV Line is a province-wide, 24/7, multilingual resource that provides confidential assistance to young people affected by youth violence or crime. Youth who are worried about their safety, or who want to anonymously report a crime or violent incident – before or after it has occurred – can call 1-800-680-4264 for help.

Parents, teachers, or service providers concerned about the well-being of a young person, can also call for assistance and information. At the YAV Line we hear about all sorts of issues. Often criminal offences are involved, such as assault, drug trafficking, abduction, homicide, hate crime, and robbery. Sometimes, though, callers just need to talk through a concern.

Whatever the issue, however simple or complex, we know how to help. And because the YAV Line is a multilingual service, we can talk to you in your own language. Our staff speak several different languages and we also use interpreters from CanTalk Canada.

Deaf and hard of hearing callers can contact us by calling TTY (604) 875-0885 (collect calls accepted), or texting us at (604) 836-6381.

To order YAV Line resource materials including copies of this information sheet, wallet cards, and bracelets, call 1-800-680-4264 or e-mail

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