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This provincial strategy - the most comprehensive health-promotion program in Canada - is aimed at improving the health and well being of British Columbians at every stage of life. HealthyFamilies BC helps British Columbians to better manage their own health and reduce chronic disease by focusing on four key areas: healthy eating, healthy lifestyles, resources for parents, and fostering healthy communities. To learn more, click here.

Navigating Our Website: 

HealthyFamilies BC is your family's one-stop online resource for health and wellness information. Whether you are looking for healthy eating tips at home or dining out, programs and supports for becoming more physically active or quitting smoking, or information about healthy lifestyle initiatives where you work, live and play, HealthyFamilies BC is dedicated to helping British Columbians make healthier choices.

Since its inception in 2011, HealthyFamilies BC has experienced monumental growth and expansion - most recently, we've added tons of articles and helpful parenting resources directed toward children of all ages. From ensuring your baby has the best possible start, to breastfeeding resources and strategies for coping with challenging behaviours, HealthyFamilies BC offers the most up-to-date information and practical tips for protecting your family's health and well being.

 Programs and Resources:

  • Alcohol Sense - Parents and adult influencers play a role in shaping a child’s beliefs and actions when it comes to alcohol. This resource will provide you with tips, tools and videos for starting those types of conversations that will help guide kids towards healthy decisions when it comes to alcohol.
  • HealthyFamilies BC Blog - Teaming up with HealthLink BC Registered Dietitians, Certified Exercise Physiologists from the Physical Activity Line (PAL) and other health experts, we are blogging daily about healthy eating, physical activity and more. Be part of the conversation - join the HealthyFamilies BC community now!
  • Prescription for Health - Provides opportunities for British Columbians who smoke, are obese, inactive or have unhealthy eating habits to speak with their family physician about making healthier choices through incentives and support services.
  • Informed Dining - Gives you the facts you need to help you and your family make informed choices when dining out. Working together with restaurants, this voluntary nutrition information program provides you with easy access to nutrition information for all standard menu items.
  • Healthy Start - Offers valuable information about the many public health services available to ensure pregnant and parenting women and their families receive the best care required for their overall health.
  • Healthy Communities - We recognize that getting and staying healthy is a team effort. That's why we have partnered with employers, schools and local governments to work on plans that will help British Columbians to live healthier lifestyles.

Online Tools:

  • Breastfeeding Buddy - An easy, fun and educational online tool designed to help you and give your baby the very best start in life. It features tips, tools, videos and resources to help you with breastfeeding and more.
  • Shopping Sense - A fun, interactive tool that provided you with access to useful information, tips and videos on how to make healthy, budget-wise shopping choices at the grocery store.
  • Sodium Sense - Many people don’t realize just how much sodium they consume each day. This tool illustrates which food items are higher or lower in sodium to help you make healthier eating choices in real life.
  • Sugary Drink Sense - Did you know that one can of pop contains 10 teaspoons of sugar? The Sugary Drink Sense tool can help you determine the amount of sugar you might be drinking.
  • The Workplace Check - An online assessment tool for employers to check how their company is doing on workplace health. This tool also includes "Ideas At Work" resources - useful information and ideas to help improve your workplace health program.

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